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Helix News
We did it
Oct 15, 09 12:48 AM
Welcome to lvl 3
Oct 6, 09 10:14 AM
500K away
Oct 3, 09 10:58 PM
PvP and you
Sep 28, 09 8:37 AM
Its all Up hill form here but in a good way
Sep 22, 09 9:04 AM
Official Aion News
Welcome To Helix

Helix is a PvP/PvE focus legion dedicated to the perfection of the art of war and advancing our selves up to end game as quickly as possible. Our Officers all have had end game experience with many mmos in the past and hope to bring that knowledge and experience to Aion.  We are looking now for mature players (18+) to help up achieve our goals and rise to greatness.  Any one who wishes to apply to us  please submit application on the Recruitment and Application section of our forums. Right now we are currently in need of Templars, Casters, and Healers other classes will be accepted as well.

Blood For Blood!

### Now with info in the Information section! ####

We did it

Zoobaka, Oct 15, 09 12:48 AM.
Congrats everyone a job well done. today or should i say yesterday We caped our first Relic finally putting us on the grid as a legion who has got there shit together. I would also like to thank our friends form Asylum for standing with us on the field of battle we could not have done it with out you. we will be going for more relics this weekend so keep up to date with the website for more info good job guys.

Welcome to lvl 3

Zoobaka, Oct 6, 09 10:14 AM.
After a long fund raiser and a lot of hard work in the abyss we are now Legion lvl 3 everyone give your self a nice pat on the back. with this up grade we get access to better items for combat in the abyss expanded bank slots and much much more. so keep up the good work everyone and lets go out there and make a name for our selves.

500K away

Zoobaka, Oct 3, 09 10:58 PM.
Here is just a little up date for all you happy people out there we are now 500k away form raising the 1.25 mill that we need to raise the legion lvl up to 3. So if we all dig deep and pitch in i am sure that we can get that 500k. if you like to donate please send your funds to Zoobaka Caladan or Aryias and they will place them in the bank.

Thank you all


PvP and you

Zoobaka, Sep 28, 09 8:37 AM.
Now that most of us are lvl 20 its time to start pvping and there is no better way to do that (outside of the abyss that is) then to jump though a rift with 5 of you legion friends and stick it to them on there own turf. i am providing a link to a site that provides all possible locations of rifts in the world use it well and good hunting

Blood for Blood


Its all Up hill form here but in a good way

Zoobaka, Sep 22, 09 9:04 AM.
Well everyone we made it through the head start and its time now for the official launch you all did very well and together we will take this legion all the way to the top. Its a long road to the abyss and level 50 but we will do it together and i hope the same lend everyone a helping hand attitude stick with us allays. In the next few day we will see more additions to our ranks helping everyone to keep there groups in legion. Working together helps everyone get to know everyone and will give you a better understanding of there play stile and tactics of there respective classes. Understanding ourselves will help us understand our enemy.

See you on the battlefield

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